SMART Internet Marketing
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Web Advantage - We Make It Happen Simply and Easily

You can easily manage SMART from wherever you log in.

SMART Internet Marketing tools are delivered over the web, so all you need is a browser and active Internet connection.

We supply the technology that makes it safe, easy, complete, and powerful.

We deliver all of our tools over the web, eliminating the typical headaches associated with hardware and shrink-wrapped software, yet retaining the control you need. Through our Application Service Provider (ASP) service, you receive all the necessary application software, databases, hardware and systems software, data center, Internet bandwidth, and customer support right over the web. All core product upgrades are automatic and are included at no additional charge for as long as you are subscribed to the service.

SMART never sleeps.
Working in the background between mailings and surveys, our systems run 24/7, managing all your opt-in/outs as well as providing access to detailed reporting and maintenance of your marketing efforts.

Our Commitment to Customer Service
We offer live support to our customers over the phone and through email. If you ever need help, simply call or email our customer service reps. Email requests are answered within one business day.