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Privacy - Double Opt-In and no SPAM

SMART Internet Marketing is dedicated to the fundamentals of protecting privacy on the Internet. All SMART Internet Marketing tools are based opt-in principles and sending unsolicited eMail (SPAM) through SMART Internet Marketing is against our customer policies.

Personal data is never shared with other companies or sold for any purpose. Data collected via our opt-in process remains the property of the client it is being collected for. It is against SMART Internet Marketing policy to sell personal information to other clients or list brokers.

We are aware that there is a possibility that a customer will send emails to a person (or a list of people) who will view the email received as un-welcomed solicitation or unwanted email. This may be due to an abuse of our email policies. As a first step, we encourage email recipients to first consider if they are indeed part of the "opt-in" email list that this publisher has used. If not, a special email box has been reserved for reporting SPAM mail and SMART Internet Marketing policy abuse. To file a report, send an email to Our staff will personally respond to all messages received in the abuse mailbox (not an automated system).

Our servers are maintained in a secure server environment with locked doors, limited access and nightly backups. Password authentication is required to access any of the server services.

Any data collected by the public portion of this site is for the sole use of SMART Internet Marketing and its parent company This data may be transferred to a new parent company upon the sale of SMART Internet Marketing.

We collect information on what pages visitors access or visit. This information is aggregated to measure number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed, etc. We use this information to measure usage and improve the content of our site. In addition, we also collect information (via on-line forms) for the purpose of attracting and communicating with customers.

Information collected by our site is used for internal review only and not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes. We take every possible measure to keep all information from our online visitors as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use. SMART may contain "links" to other sites, and we make every effort to only link to sites that share our high standards and respect for privacy. However, we are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites.

Client databases stored and utilized by SMART Internet Marketing are the property of our clients.

The web site was built, hosted and is maintained by Inc. Our postal address is 5877 Rte 227, Trumansburg, NY 14886. Phone: 844-906-7043.