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Pricing - Cost-Effective Internet Marketing

The SMART Marketing suite is available at a variety of levels based on your overall usage requirements. For higher volume levels, please visit our High Volume Pricing Page.

Select a plan: Setup Fee:
Monthly Fee:



The Bronze Plan includes up to:
1,000  Email messages sent per month
250  Survey responses per month
250  Sweepstakes entrants per month
1,000  Link responses per month.

*Setup fee of $495.00 waived with a 12 month commitment.

In months that exceed the included volume levels, overages are charged at the following rates:

Bronze Level
Overage Rates
(per thousand)
Email messages $25.00
Survey Responses $50.00
Sweepstakes Entrants $80.00
Link Responses $15.00
Overages are billed in 1,000 increments.

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To place your order now, please complete our contact us form or call 844-906-7043.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: You may cancel your service at anytime during the first 30 days and receive a full refund of your monthly service charges. List imports or other special services within the initial 30 days will be billed at the standard setup rates upon cancellation.

All agreements are subject to a three month minimum. Setup fees are waived with a 12 month commitment.