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SMART Sweepstakes - Attract Customers and Prospects

What if I don’t have a list? Or, what if I want to build my list quickly?

Smart Sweepstakes makes it painless
Online sweepstakes are a great way to quickly attract prospects, but can be costly to implement and manage. Our SMART sweepstakes tool makes it easy by providing everything you need to create, manage and track sweepstakes results and entries without the technical headaches of managing a database system.

Seamless integration and ease of use
SMART Sweepstakes are seamlessly integrated with your web site for ease of use and consistent brand identity. Visitors entering your sweepstakes simply complete a form to enter and receive immediate confirmation once they have completed the entry. Through the password protected user-friendly administrator interface, you can track entries in real-time, view detailed reporting including page views, unique visitors and form completion rates. Creating a new sweepstakes is easy, simply complete the online forms in the sweepstakes wizard and one of our customer service reps will contact you to get your sweepstakes online and running.

How it works
SMART Sweepstakes are delivered cost effectively over the web as through our application service provider systems. Traffic generated by entries is managed by high-speed connections and the data is stored in a secure backed up environment. Our systems automatically manage incomplete and multiple entries. As indicated in our privacy policy, all data collected in your sweepstakes remains yours; we do not sell any lists collected by SMART Internet Marketing systems.

Sweepstakes Support
In addition to our application services, we also offer sweepstakes support services to help you with logistics and laws relating to online sweepstakes.

Learn More
If you are interested in running an online sweepstakes, use our online pricing tool to receive an instant budgetary estimate or contact us for additional information.