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SMART eMail - Communicate More Effectively

When it comes to email marketing, newsletters and special offers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Our customers use SMART for a wide variety of email communications including:

sales offers
investor relations
customer service announcements
trade show support
sales force training and updates
employee communication and more

Why? Look at what you can do:

Create HTML formatted messages as easily as you create text messages
Just use our built-in HTML Editor . Studies show higher response rates to HTML messages than to text messages. You can send both types to your list.

Create segments of your list based on any data field
Try, for instance, "people who asked about our product,” or “previous customers." You can set up mailings to those segments only. You can also merge lists together into a master list for a special mailing.

Re-invite subscribers
Re-invite subscribers who never completed registration (but whose addresses stay in our system). You’ll never lose a lead.

Create "excludes"
For instance, create lists that exclude recipients of a previous mailing (so they don't get the same message more than once)

Test offers in advance
Create random-sample lists, to test new offers, or to run surveys. (You can use the "exclude" feature to remove them from the major mailing.)

Send selected follow Up
Send follow-up messages to only those subscribers who replied to a previous message. Maintain one-to-one communication!

Offer easy confirmation
Make it easy for subscribers to understand and respond to confirmation instructions.

Offer quick unsubscribe
Make it easy to unsubscribe from the list. By doing so, you avoid spam filters.

Enjoy bounceback management
You get reports on who did and didn't get your message--allowing you to decide whether to keep subscribers active or delete them - or re-invite them another day.

and . . .

The SMART email tool works with lists you provide, and are never sold or reused for any other purpose. In addition, our two-step opt-in process ensures that invalid addresses are never included in your mailings and protects the privacy of your email subscribers.

SMART email is easy to use
As the email Administrator, simply log into SMART Internet Marketing to access your lists, compose and send messages, and view online reports. You can even:

View real-time reporting of responses, messages sent and subscriptions.
Create a schedule and set automated reminders.
Manage user data in your email list

If you need additional help, the SMART Service Bureau offers a variety of services including support for email sending and list management as well as database cleanup, HTML design, and copywriting. We’ll offer advice on how to build your lists—or even build templates for you. Click for details.

No need for special hardware, software or bandwidth

SMART services are delivered cost effectively over the web. So whether you’re sending a few hundred or a few million messages there's no delay on your network. For additional information about how SMART works, visit our web advantage page.