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SMART Survey - Understand Your Customers' Needs

Surveys create flawless customer contact

Easy and powerful for you
SMART Survey is an easy and cost-effective tool for creating and distributing online surveys. Through surveys, you get a better understanding of your customers’ needs and desires, making your business more effective and successful. You can quickly and easily complete the communication link to your organization and find out directly what your audience thinks and wants—virtually in real time. Think of Smart Survey as a more effective, less costly, tactical CRM program.

If you’re not doing this now, you’re not really in touch with your customers. Your business will be revolutionized when you start.

Easy for them
SMART's Internet surveys are easy for your respondents as well. By simply making selections on a web page, surveys are completed faster with more accuracy. Easier completion generates higher response rates making your results more accurate.

Take Our Sample Survey

Surveys can be created in a manner of minutes.
To create a survey simply log into your SMART Internet Marketing account and select create survey. Then select a template, or start a survey from scratch using our step-by-step wizard. Next enter your questions and select the answer format (yes/no, drop down lists, check boxes, text areas, contact information and more). Then Preview your survey and distribute to one of your SMART email lists.

Throughout your survey, our online reporting tools provides detailed results, both composite and individual response views, so you can see results in real-time. Once your survey is complete, you can download your responses in a simple text-based format for further analysis in your database or spreadsheet applications.

How it works
SMART Surveys are delivered cost effectively over the web through an application service provider system that automatically manages your surveys and backs up your data in one of the country’s most secure data-center environments. As indicated in our privacy policy, all data collected in your database remains yours. We do not sell any data collected by SMART Internet Marketing systems.

Learn More
For an online demo of SMART Survey, contact customer service. Budgetary pricing is also available on our pricing page.