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Marketing Services - Jump Start Your Marketing Initiatives

Jump Start Your Marketing Initiatives

Our experience informs and empowers your efforts.

The SMART service bureau offers an array of services that will get you started quickly and increase the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

Service Bureau Offerings:

Internet Marketing Strategic Planning
Database Cleanup/Validation
Email List Acquisition
Email Design (HTML)
Email Copywriting
Email sending and list management
Market research and consulting
Sweepstakes consulting
Sweepstakes legal administration
ROI tracking

The services you want, when you want them
Some of our clients need help getting started; others need ongoing services. The SMART Service Bureau provides the services you need when you need them. It can be engaged for a single project, or for your ongoing marketing efforts.

Free Online Consultation
To help us better understand your needs, please fill out our short service bureau survey . Once we’ve reviewed your requirements, we’ll contact you to discuss available options and show you how our clients have increased sales and built better customer relationships. For immediate assistance, contact customer service.