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building one to one communication
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So you build my list ...

Yes, but thatís only the beginning. Experts say it again and again: the key to success on the Net is continuous, deep-reaching, customer communication. You need to know . . . who your customers are, what your customers want, and what to do next.

So "Smart" does a few other things like:

distribute your online newsletters, cheaply and effectively
build in ways to get your messages read and let you know who reads them
create surveys to find out what your readers think, want, and need
generate sweepstakes that build your subscriber list
track which offers your readers click on, and which they donít

...letting you manage your marketing campaign directly from your browseróno third party required. Not just manage, but also create a two-way communication in which you learn, measure, and acquire immediate ROI.

SMART is ideal for businesses who do or donít currently have a list or a newsletter. It helps you take your regular pattern of communication and easily transform it into a high-powered sales and marketing process.

And SMART isn't limited to just marketing efforts. With the combined power of our tools, SMART can also be used for customer service, investor relations, employee and sales force communications Ė and a wide variety of other applications.

SMART is easy to use, with no need for special hardware, software, or technical expertise.