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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common question’s we receive. If you can’t find your answer here, please submit your question using the contact form.

Q: Can SMART Internet Marketing capabilities be integrated into my organization's databases, infrastructure, or legacy systems?

A: Yes, we offer complete custom integration services. We have been building successful custom Internet applications for over six years. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Will you run my eMarketing campaign and what services can you provide?

A: SMART is a tool set that allows you the ability to direct market to your prospects and customers. Additionally, we offer a variety of marketing services to completely design, execute, and run your online campaign, as well as being involved in any part of it. Contact customer service for the details and pricing.

Q: What if I do not have an email list to get started?

A: We can help you begin building one immediately. First, just putting the opt-in page on your Web site will start your list. Also, SMART Sweepstakes is a good way to get started with an offer to begin building a list. We have complete marketing services to get you going. Contact customer service for details.

Q: How do I start an online newsletter?

A: Online newsletters can be one of the most effective ways of communicating with your prospects and customers. The key ingredient is to provide information of value, not just a sales pitch. Once you have a subscriber to your newsletter, you must continue to keep his or her attention by providing information of value to the subscriber. This can begin with information of value that you come across in your general business and marketing activities. Just begin to collect it, pass it on and that will create a loyal following.

Q: Can't I just use my email distribution list instead of SMART email?

A: If you only have a few email addresses, that would probably be just fine. However, even with less than one hundred subscribers, maintenance of your list can become very time consuming. With SMART, your subscribers opt-in and opt-out automatically with no need to maintain the database. Just a couple of hours a month of saved time can justify the price.

Q: What if I have significantly less the 5,000 messages per month?

A: Not a problem, since SMART email is cost effective for even a few hundred messages per month.

Q: Will I receive a price break if I'm under the 5,000 messages per month?

A: All accounts sending under 5000 messages per month require the same amount of bandwidth, technology and support, therefore are billed at the minimum rate. SMART works is behind the scenes providing 24/7/365 opt-in and opt-out web pages, hosting of your database, back-up of the database at regular intervals, online support services, response tracking and automated list maintenance.

Q: When should I start using the SMART Internet Marketing Service?

A: There is no advantage to waiting; every day is a lost opportunity to get someone to opt-in to your database. Simply putting an opt-in page on your Web site will begin getting your marketing campaign underway.

Q: I am only interested in one of your services; can I purchase them separately?

A: The SMART eMail service is a required component of all of the other tools, however each of the other tools can be used in any combination to meet your needs. Our online pricing tool can provide an instant proposal for any of the tools you are interested in.

Q: Can I purchase SMART Survey or SMART Sweepstakes without SMART email?

A: As standard products, SMART email is required to use the Survey or Sweepstakes components. However, we offer all aspects and combinations of SMART as a custom implementation.

Q: Can SMART integrate with my internal sales management database?

A: Generally yes. As long as your database is accessible via the Internet, we can usually integrate the two systems. To find out more, please complete our contact form and review your requirements with our custom service staff.

Q: If I were going to stop using SMART, how can I get my data?

A: In all cases with SMART, your data is yours. We can send you a copy of your database at any time for a small time and materials charge. For further details contact customer service.

Q: Why do I need rules for SMART Sweepstakes?

A: There are many laws and rules regarding the use of a sweepstakes governed by each state. These rules must be adhered to and require knowledge of each state's laws.