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SMART Links - Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

Whatís working and what isnít?

SMART Links gives you the tools you need to measure results from all of your offline and online marketing efforts. With SMART Links you can create special web addresses to run in each ad, direct mail piece, or banner advertisement. Then you can track how many people respond to your message or offer.

Find out the ROI on your campaign immediately.
Eliminate offers that have no effect.
Expand offers that are clearly popular.

Create links immediately
The SMART Links system tracks every response to your web pages without needing to make changes to your site. Simply log in to SMART and create a new campaign. (Campaigns can be made up of any combination of media including print, direct mail, email, anywhere you include a web address!). Then enter the web address you want to track and where it should point to on the web. We'll track every response for you in real time.

Our online reporting also provides a means to track cost per impression and cost per response in real-time. There is virtually no limit to the number of elements you can track and all of your links are maintained through a web browser without the need to distract your IT department.

How it works
SMART Links is delivered cost effectively over the web through our application service provider systems. All date is stored in a secure backed up environment. The automated response systems automatically manage your links. As indicated in our privacy policy, all data collected in your database remains yours; we do not sell any data collected by SMART Internet Marketing systems.

Learn More
For an online demo of SMART Links, contact customer service. Budgetary pricing is also available on our pricing page.